July 19, 2013

Crazy how fast the time has flown over three weeks. Thea’s gotten so much bigger right before our eyes, her cheeks filling in, her belly sprouting into a little Buddha form, her noises and grunts changing daily, and her alert times getting longer. We’ve had great support with family in town for the last two weeks, and it’s helped us catch our breath, and capture a few more snapshots of everyone.

Peaceful in sleep

DanDan gets the first grandparent hold, 1 week in.

Gigi enjoying naptime with Thea.

Babies turn out to be tough photo subjects, even when they’re asleep. Lulu and I catch a lucky break.

Lulu & Thea

Hanging with dad.

Grandpa Jeff meets Thea, 2 weeks in.

Grandma Marty with another nap.

Lulu and the little kangaroo nugget.

Quiet alert at night.

Drying off after her first real bath.

Brushing Thea’s hair and employing the Magic Baby Hold.

  • Your Dad says:

    Great shots Graham and Lulu. Keep them coming as they’ll soon be our lifeline. You two are a great team. You are already great parents and Thea will provide the rest of your training.

  • Gigi says:

    Gigi says that she can’t wait to teach Thea the Birthday Song, and to sit out on the edge of cliffs, like her mother did.

  • Paolo says:

    Great shots, Graham! Shoot wide, shoot often!

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