June 6, 2013

After investing in glass the last few years, I finally upgraded camera bodies recently, and it’s been amazing. I had a ton of great photos and adventures with my 30D over the last 6 years, but it was time to move on to something with a bit more power. After shooting on a crop sensor, I decided to forgo a little of the burst rate in favor of going full frame with a Canon 6D. Wow. I know things had changed a lot in the last few years, but the difference between bodies was staggering. Staggeringly awesome. I know I’ll lose a little off the top end for zoom and action stuff, but the full frame with my wide angle lenses is amazing, and the clarity, color, and low-noise/high ISO abilities are fantastic. Not to mention wifi for using my iPhone to control or download and post photos immediately…

A couple images from the first evening out with the camera  with some friends on Lake Union.

Lulu waits for the boat to pick us for an evening

Floating BBQ along Lake Union with friends & kids!

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