June 15, 2012

Friday afternoon, and the weather couldn’t be better today… blue skies, clear mountain views, and late-season snow begging to be skied. Ever since Mount Baker, Lulu and I have been plotting and scheming to tackle another volcano before the ski season faded into a distant memory. We’ve been dreaming of the early morning push, of moving from the lush green landscape to high alpine glaciers, of the smoothest spring corn, and of lounging on a wind-less summit in brilliant sunshine, relaxing on a high-alpine lawn chair made of skis and packs.

We had big plans for the weekend, but the forecast closes out tonight with a stormy front, high winds, and strong chance of rain/snow. Every day it’s degraded a little more, until finally there were too many warning signs to plug on. The dreams will stay dreams, at least for this weekend, but soon enough they’ll become real again.

Looking out from the high-alpine lawn chair on Pizzo Tresero (11,791′) in the Ortler Alps, Italy.

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