April 15, 2012

There will be so much more to post from this trip, but Lulu and I just wrapped up two weeks of travel and skiing through Europe for a well-deserved vacation after an action-packed year. To spend 13 of 14 days outside in the mountains was like feeling the layers of stress peel off, one at a time. All we wanted to do… explore European mountain towns, ski and climb until we couldn’t any more, and eat as much delicious food as possible.

Landing in Geneva, we set off on a week of skiing around the classic resorts of the Alps, in Chamonix, Verbier, and Zermatt, then moved eastward into Italy for a week of backcountry skiing in the Ortler Alps, all in the company of a rotating cast of friends that joined us for different sections.

So much more to come, so for now, the clouds at dusk playing on the rugged peaks above Chamonix…

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